FusionPack v11 для Counter-Strike

Установка и инструкции


Включает в себя и свежевыпеченный FusionMapPackv2.0.

Полный список все изменений и добавлений:

Added new menu interface.
Added new VGUI graphics.
Added new maps: cs_greenhouse, cs_shogun_final and de_mog.
Added new hostage models.
Added new AK47 Rifle.
Added new flashbang.
Added new knife.
Added new P90 sub machine gun.
Re-added M4A1 Rifle as voted for by our readers!.
Added new Scout sniper rifle model.
Added new smoke grenade.
Added new helicopter model.
Added new sounds.
Added new Aug and SG552 rifle zoom sprite.
Added new explosion sprites.
Added full set of new weapon hud sprites.
Added and updated HUD interface.
Improved installer and made more user friendly.
Made compatible with CS Retail owners.

На странице http://game-score.ru/mods/158807-fusionpack-v11.html вы можете найти и скачать FusionPack v11 для Counter-Strike.


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Counter-Strike: Source
Дата выхода PC игры: 7 октября 2004

Counter-Strike: Source - игра жанра Экшен / Action, Шутеры / Стрелялки, Игры 2004 года от разработчика Valve Software.

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