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Состоялся релиз новой версии мода FIFA 15 MODDINGWAY для Fifa15 Установка: Внимание! Перед установкой убедитесь , что установлены все предыдущие версии  MODDINGWAY мода . 1. Распаковать архив; 2. Содержимое архива скопировать в корневую папку игры с заменой: 3. Запустить от имени администратора ModdingWayInstaller.exe будет в распакованной папке и нажать install. Changelog Version 1.6.1 - Fixed Vietto hair
- Removed Uche face
- Removed Gary Hooper face and Sternberg Janek hidden/unfinished faces by EA
- Fixed problem with referees with missing heads
- Fixed Asian Cup now played every 4 years
- Fixed China assigned to Assian Qualifiers
- Fixed Benfica away kit fonts and numbers colors
- Fixed Eduardo and Vukojevic missing heads
- Fixed wrong ball assigned to FA Cup
- Fixed Nilmar not present in career mode
- Fixed Shovkovskyi nationality
- Lisandro Lpez face included added to Internacional
- Josh Onomah back to Tottenham
- Fixed Antonio Vutov age
- Many potentials, age and overal ratings fixed
- Removed duplicated Gregori Terziev
- Removed duplicated MBohli
- Fixed problem with Brasileirao 38 games played in a season
- Added some Brasileirao and other transfers
- Fixed socks Tottenham alternative GK kit
- Fixed problem with IA picking strange lineups in Barclays Premier League
- Fixed problem with Adboards when Inter and Lazio are playing as home team it showed away team adboards
- added jersey fonts for Liga NOS
- Fixed shoes and new assignment of boots

Bonus Serie B flags and banners
Liga NOS banners
Bibs and tracksuits bundesliga

На странице вы можете найти и скачать FIFA 15 MODDINGWAY UPDATE 1.6.1 для FIFA 15.


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Дата выхода PC игры: 23 сентября 2014

FIFA 15 - игра жанра Спорт игры / Sport, Игры 2014 года от разработчика EA Games.

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