Payday 2: HoxHud P3 [дополнительные индикаторы интерфейса] для Payday 2

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Описание и инструкции
Описание и инструкции:
HoxHud - это мод добавляющий дополнительные индикаторы HUD
Скриншоты мода:
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Версия мода: P3

Alert markers can change colour for a pacified civilian
Fixed a timer-related crash when using ANTICHEAT_ONLY option.
Fixed a tab-screen related crash when using ANTICHEAT_ONLY option.
Fixed the reload timer still displaying when ANTICHEAT_ONLY is enabled.
Added detailed specials kill stats and accuracy % to the Tab screen.
When looking at a lootbag, you can now see what it is and its value.
Player names now shrink in font size before getting truncated.
TweakData format function now receives detailed table of kills.
Casing mode indicator has been removed.
Added new push to interact feature - customisable from HoxHud options.
Completion color of interaction timer can now be customised.
Added update checker
ECM Jammer duration synced to ALL clients. Fixes ClientClient.
Fixed bulletstorm issue causing cosmetic incorrect ammo totals.
Options menu sliders now display actual values.
Localisation strings moved into a separate file.
Added fully-featured in-game options menu.

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