Dying Light: Изменение скорости времени: 2/Syndligs Single Player Time Scale Mod для Dying Light

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Как и предыдущая аналогичная модификация - направлена на изменение скорости внутриигрового времени. В отличии от первой тут представлено более подробное описание. Версия игры: Не указано Оригинальное описание:
This mod allows you to change the time scale for the games day, night and interiors to various new default settings. The default time scale is 1 hour every 4 minutes during the day, 1 hour every 0.875 minutes at night, and 1 hour every 6 minutes while in an interior map such as quarantines.

NOTE: This mod does not work in multiplayer. If you join someones game or they join yours, time will automatically sync to them, and then move at the default scale. This is true whether or not both parties have the mod installed. Alongside that, if you join someone elses game with this mod installed, your clock will run as if the mod is functional, but time will pass normally, making it impossible for you to tell what time it actually is.

NOTE: Air drops happen 3 times during the day at specific times, and once at night at a specific time. If you choose one of the longer times i.e. 60 minutes, it will be extremely long between air drops.

   1min: 1hr = 1min day       1hr = 1min night   1hr = 1min interior
   4min: 1hr = 4min day       1hr = 4min night   1hr = 4min interior
   6min: 1hr = 6min day       1hr = 6min night   1hr = 6min interior
  60min: 1hr = 1hr day        1hr = 1hr night    1hr = 1hr interior
reverse: 1hr = 0.875min day   1hr = 4min night   1hr = 6min interior

To installУстановка:
Extract the contents of the folder you want for your time scale to C:UsersDocumentsDyingLight
After loading in to the game, sleep in a bed in order to reset the games weather patterns. This will cause the new time to come into effect. You may have to do this every time you start the game.

To uninstallУдаление:
Delete the file dw_weather_def.scr from C:UsersDocumentsDyingLightoutDatascripts Автор: Syndlig PS: Прошу прощение за непереведенку не смог осилить в виду низкого уровня знания языка.

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