Nations at War для Battlefield 2

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Модификация вносит в игру ряд изменений, регулируя баланс сил воздушных и наземных машин, изменяя урон от оружия и внося другие изменения. Более подробное описание мода представлено ниже:

NaW started about a hr after the tools were out in august last yr the first release came out that weekend, first we tweaked all the vehicles added weapons and it just grew from there we needed balance for our tourney Almost everything is balanced with the opposition to make thing completely fair.

We also needed to do something about the air superiority issues in Battlefield 2 as I was able to fly for 8 hrs during battles with out getting shot down.

Our latest release 3.8 took care of that with our own grail and stingers that hunt down even the best pilots in the game mounting air to air on our Helo variants and even mounting AA to a pick up truck for fast moving AA capabilitys.

All in all we have had a very good response from people who have tried our mod and some even joined the tournament for our weekly 8 hr battles.

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