Fallout 4 -Black and White Pipboy v1.5 by mm137 - для Fallout 4

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Интересный чёрно-белый скин для Пип-боя с опциональными файлами текстур holotape. Спойлер This is a complete texture overhaul with a black shell, and white details like labels, buttons, and screws. There is also a little added wear and tear subtly added to the surface.  Also edits the inner surface seen in the opening sequence, radiation meter, and radio dial, which many Pip-boy mods currently on the Nexus neglect.  Not just a random photoshop filter slapped on the outer shell!  Now includes a matching holotape skin under Optional Files. Спойлер 1 Мои документы/MyGames/fallout4/Fallout4.INI ---> Находим строчку:

И меняем её на:


2 Извлекаем папки Materials и Textures в папку, которая находится по пути вида SteamSteamAppscommonFallout 4Data Спойлер Спойлер Version 1.1 also includes a black screen in 3rd person to match.
Version 1.2 features a greatly improved specular map, chrome hardware, and a further tweaking of the screen to hopefully fix the green tint it gets at night.
1.3 has newly generated subtler normals and optimized speculars for increased performance.
Version 1.4 fixes the green 3rd person screen bug!  Thanks to SentientMachines Remove Pip-Boy Screen Glow mod.  Please endorse and give Kudos to SM for allowing me to include this fix.  If you just need a hotfix, simply download and endorse that mod.
1.5 up!  Important update with a bunch of bugfixes, completely re-done normals, fixed glow maps, and more.  This should help all of you who had weird stuff happen with the last release.

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Fallout 4
Дата выхода PC игры: 10 ноября 2015

Fallout 4 - игра жанра РПГ / RPG, Игры 2015 года от разработчика Bethesda Game Studios.

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