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Дата выхода Child of Eden на PC

Дата выхода Child of Eden назначена 14 июня 2011.

Описание игры Child of Eden


Child of Eden - игра жанра аркада от Q Entertainment. Задачей игрока станет уничтожение опасного вируса, который проникает в систему воспроизведения человеческих личностей в красивом мире Эдена под названием Lumi. В версии для Xbox 360 обещана поддержка контроллера движений Kinect.

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Игру разработала студия Q Entertainment.

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Child of Eden - which can be played either with Kinect or using a standard controller - is an on-rails shoot-'em-up. This is important to state from the outset, because the lights and music and idiosyncratic ambiance can disguise what's going on at a mechanical level. You must shoot them before they shoot you.


Child of Eden remains a wholly enthralling game, as the rhythmic shooting action -- in which you guide a cursor to blast waves of flying foes -- and thoroughly dazzling visuals and sound design capture you in a way that few other games can. But initially, before Child of Eden's challenge level solidified in the later stages, it felt like I was enjoying the game's looks and sound to a greater extent than I was enjoying the in-game action.


Child of Eden - это неофициальный сиквел Rez, сверкающий вместо монохромного путешествия всеми красками живого мира. И хотя этой игре не нужна история, QEntertainment предлагают игрокам спасти архивы людской памяти и ее обитателя – девушку Люми от нашествия злобного вируса. Поклонники прошлых игр Тетсуя, сразу узнают Нами Мияхару, которая подарила виртуальной героине не только свою внешность, но и звонкий голосок группы Genki Rocket.



Child of Eden is essentially a first-person, on-rails shooter. You're not actually killing anything; you're purifying databases full of corrupt information. It's just you, the reticle, the music and the visuals -- a simple, yet effective formula. It's difficult to explain why it's so cool, but once you get your hands on Child of Eden, everything will make sense.


Child of Eden is an on-rails shooter that tasks players with rescuing the endangered Lumi from viruses attacking Eden, a futuristic version of the Internet. From the introductory Matrix archive to the grand finale in Journey, players shoot a unique array of enemies while switching between homing and rapid-fire shots or using a bomb that cleanses all viruses in your path.