Drakengard 3: дата выхода

Дата выхода Drakengard 3 на PC

Дата выхода Drakengard 3 назначена 21 мая 2014.

Описание игры Drakengard 3


Drakengard 3 - экшен с ролевыми элементами от студии Access Games. Сюжет Drakengard 3 рассказывает о том, как жестокие конфликты, разрывавшие мир игры были прекращены пятью загадочными созданиями, спустившимися с небес и названными Интонерами (Intoners). Интонеры победили военачальников и положили конец войнам, после чего стали править различными регионами. Игроки берут на себя роль Зеро (Zero), самой старшей и могущественной из Интонер, которая вознамерилась уничтожить своих сестер. Через перспективу от третьего лица, Зеро путешествует по миру игры и сражается с различными противниками используя физические атаки и разрушительные заклинания. Для воздушных сражений Зеро может сесть на своего дракона, владеющего как атакующими, так и защитными умениями.

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Игру разработала студия Access Games.

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Обзоры Drakengard 3


Drakengard 3 is a bit unconventional at times (like its developer) with tales of extreme hair cutting and dragon piss, but action fans will want to seek this one out immediately. Within 15 minutes I was drawn into its world and its cast of characters, and I wanted to see Zero's journey through from start to finish. If you like games like Nier, you'll love Drakengard 3.


Like previous Drakengard installments, the meat of the experience is found in slicing up hordes of vulnerable enemies in a fashion similar to Dynasty Warriors. Over the course of the game, Zero will gain access to four weapon types that can be switched on the fly - swords, spears, gauntlets and chakrams - of which there are many different flavors with their own unique attacks. Weapons can be upgraded using gold and materials, gaining more moves and attack power as they level.


I love how I can step away and think about how the concepts introduced in the alternate ending paths symbolize abstract concepts of gaming. I love Drakengard 3, warts and all. In fact, I think the warts might be part of what makes the game so appealing. It's a heavily flawed game, set in an ugly world and filled with despicable people. And yet, somehow it's beautiful.


Drakengard 3's weirdness is its greatest asset. The narrative is intriguing, and the combat is fun enough, but it's the game's unapologetically unusual atmosphere that made me end up liking it. It almost lost me to the flood of colorful language and sex-crazed overtones, but those frustrating first few hours gave way to one of the most singular games I've ever experienced.


A darkly humorous action RPG with entertainingly fast-paced combat, Drakengard 3 is a unique experience marred by long load times, minor technical issues, and lackluster world design.



Drakengard 3 will join the collections of many series fans, as it certainly has buckets of character and no doubt stays true to the previous games. For anyone else looking for an interesting action-RPG, it misses the target far too often to recommend it as an essential purchase.


What do you expect from a developer who conducts promotional interviews as a sock puppet and admits to making "weird games for weird people"? I sense Yoko might be better off freed from the shackles of Square Enix, yet at the same time there's something wonderfully subversive about a major publisher releasing a game this wilfully strange, particularly in a market this risk-averse. Drakengard 3 isn't a very good game, then, but it's an interesting kind of failure, and as such is impossible to completely dismiss.


The story of Drakengard 3, as I was able to discern, follows Zero, the eldest of six Intoners who are powerful songstresses that have kept the world from war, has five sisters that she really, really wants to kill.


I did everything I could to overlook Drakengard 3’s shoddy graphics, repetitive gameplay, poor controls, and shallow characters. Alas, this RPG is its own worst enemy. Everything about it feels underdeveloped and cobbled together. If there’s ever another Drakengard, I hope the developers do it justice and invest in smoother technology and a better-written script.


Drakengard 3 is rough, to say the least. Fundamentally, I like the focus on action, and the battle system is competently executed. However, it's all buried beneath a poorly optimized engine, terrible camera, and a story that's alternately infantile and gross. I've played a lot worse; but by an large, Drakengard 3 is a pretty bad game.


After suffering with it and finding every aspect to be distasteful, I'm slotting it as an early contender for 2014's Most Disappointing. I have no idea how something this bad came from team capable of creating something so good, but the magnitude with which Drakengard 3 fails is impressive.