Ace Combat Infinity: дата выхода, скачать торрент

Дата выхода Ace Combat Infinity на PC

Дата выхода Ace Combat Infinity назначена 27 мая 2014.

Описание игры Ace Combat Infinity


Ace Combat Infinity - экшен от студии Project Aces. В Project Aces игроки пилотируют военные самолеты, выполняя различные боевые задания. Боевые машины несут на борту различное вооружение (ракеты, бомбы, крупнокалиберные пулеметы), необходимые для уничтожения вражеских строений, армированной техники и истребителей.

На странице Вы можете скачать бесплатно игру Ace Combat Infinity через торрент на PC.

Игру разработала студия Project Aces.

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Обзоры Ace Combat Infinity


This time around servers seem stable, and the free to play formula is a little more balanced. Using your wallet will still grant you bonuses, but at least the gameplay is true to the core saga.


The soaring bird that has long served as the metaphor for the Ace Combat pilot becomes a vulture fighting over highway carrion, looping away incautiously when the odd car passes a little too close, before returning again for a final few scraps of flesh.


In a game build around multiplayer, it's baffling that the developer would undermine any gains made through Infinity being freely available by making it so difficult to play once you have it. [Aug 2014, p.91]


More will follow, but despite what its name might suggest, Infinity is extremely limited, both in terms of what little content it offers and your ability to access it.


The rotting corpse floating in this flight sim's pool is its free-to-play mechanic. [Sept 2014, p.80]

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