Under Defeat HD: дата выхода, скачать торрент

Дата выхода Under Defeat HD на PC

Дата выхода Under Defeat HD назначена 9 ноября 2012.

Описание игры Under Defeat HD


Under Defeat HD - изометрический аркадный шутер от студии G.rev. В Under Defeat игроки пилотируют боевой вертолёт через вертикально прокручиваемые уровни. Перемещаясь по локациям, игроки используют скорострельные пулемёты, бомбы и ракеты, чтобы уничтожать армированную бронетехнику противника (истребители, танки, корабли).

На странице https://game-score.ru/2725-under-defeat-hd.html Вы можете скачать бесплатно игру Under Defeat HD через торрент на PC.

Игру разработала студия G.rev.

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Обзоры Under Defeat HD


Fans of this genre will find a ton to love with Under Defeat HD. It really is a good shoot ‘em up game. Casual players will have to ask themselves if they are willing to pay $26.99 for this, but if you do; you’ll have a good time with it.


As it goes, Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition is a solid shooter that I am happy was given the chance to come across to the UK and deliver gamers a good bit of challenging fun.


Too tough, very cool, not as good as Sine Mora. [Christmas 2012, p.97]


This is not as fascinating as the last bullet hell shmups like Sine Mora or Akai Katana, but nonetheless with the HD remake of one of the final games of the late Dreamcast you’ll get an intense, but rather short arcade shooter.


If you've always wanted to play the Dreamcast version of Under Defeat but have never felt brave enough to stump up the large amount of cash to do so, then this PS3 update is the answer to your prayers. It offers not only the original edition, but a spruced-up HD variant as well.


This game really should have been a digital only release for $10-$15 dollars at the most. If you played Under Defeat back on the Dreamcast or even in arcades and want to play it again in its full HD glory then go right ahead but personally for anyone else I would suggest waiting till the price comes down because its pretty expensive for what you are actually getting.


It's a fun, awkward exercise that some may grow tired of all too soon.

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