RAGE: The Scorchers: дата выхода, скачать торрент

Дата выхода RAGE: The Scorchers на PC

Дата выхода RAGE: The Scorchers назначена 22 декабря 2012.

Описание игры RAGE: The Scorchers


Rage: The Scorchers - экшен от студии id Software. The Scorchers является сюжетным дополнением к оригинальному Rage, которое добавляет в игру клан жестоких бандитов The Scorchers, новые локации, противников, мини-игры и оружие (Гвоздемет). Сюжет The Scorchers рассказывает о том, как протагонист вместе с новыми действующими лицами отразит атаку головорезов на поселение семьи Хэйгеров и принимает участие в новом сезоне телешоу Mutant Bash TV.

На странице https://game-score.ru/3128-rage-the-scorchers.html Вы можете скачать бесплатно игру RAGE: The Scorchers через торрент на PC.

Игру разработала студия id Software.

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Обзоры RAGE: The Scorchers


If you never played RAGE, buy it. Then buy this. Play it, love it, and when the "Insert Disc 2" prompt pops up, simply walk away, smiling.


The Scorchers is a fine way to re-familiarise yourself and extend the run-time of this under-appreciated throwback shooter.


It all comes down to the question, if you want more of Rage. Depending on which difficulty setting you're playing on, this is two to four hours of that for the price of about 5 euros. That's pretty decent, considering that there are full price games with just about twice as much of content out there. To surmise: a good story, if you want to call it a story, solid, fresh enemies and new corridors for you to shoot through, that are enjoyable in spite of their linearity. If that sounds like a good evenings' entertainment for you, you can't go wrong with The Scorchers.


The entire Scorchers section lasts six levels, and took me between two and three hours to complete, but it also only costs five dollars. That is not a bad deal when you consider comparable DLC packs. What it lacks in direction, it makes up for in sheer content.

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