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Дата выхода Dance Central 3 на PC

Дата выхода Dance Central 3 назначена 19 октября 2012.

Описание игры Dance Central 3


Dance Central 3 - танцевальная игра, разработанная студией Harmonix Music Systems. Сюжетный режим Dance Central 3 позволяет танцорам путешествовать во времени, тем самым объясняя происхождение более старых танцевальных движений. В Dance Central 3, игроки принимают участие в танцевальных поединках. Очки аккумулируются за успешное выполнение движений, демонстрируемых всплывающими подсказками. Музыкальное сопровождение включает в себя не только актуальную для нынешнего времени музыку, но и композиции 90-х, 80-х и 70-х годов.

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Игру разработала студия Harmonix Music Systems.

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Обзоры Dance Central 3


Everything about the game - its preposterous storyline, its madcap multiplayer modes - peels away at the inherent, inextricable humiliation of dancing in front of your peers. To start a dance battle in one of those modes, you have to high-five your opponent in real life. Rest assured, you are in very, very good hands.


Dance Central 3 is one of the best, if not the best, game the Kinect has to offer, and yet there is still room to grow in Dance Central 4. Here's hoping the next game will have a more refined feedback system and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.


Not an evolution of the series but a step forward indeed. Good for playing "seriously" or just for fun, with a solid base that allows the developers to include crazy ideas that actually fit in the game. The track list is, as well, as good as we expected.


Packed with features and polished to a sheen, Dance Central 3 is a true evolution of what has come before. It hasn't lost focus of the core features that made its initial success popular, but the developers also haven't rested on their laurels. Much more than a simple track pack or yearly update, the latest game is sure to please anyone who plays it.


The fact that you can import music from the first two games is one of the most appealing aspects of Dance Central 3, as I personally have benefited thanks to owning more songs than I know what to do with. It's absolutely perfect for Party mode, as you almost never hear the same song twice, and Harmonix should be commended for this kind of support.


It isn't completely successful with some of its experimental features and still lacks some of the fun auxiliary modes of its sister games, but it's clear that it isn't just a glorified track pack. For all the aspiring b-boys and b-girls out there, Dance Central 3 is a great game to experienced, and an even better one to share.


Whether you're looking for a beginner-friendly dance experience, rigorous routines that challenge your skills and help you burn calories, or a terrific party game that gets everyone on their feet and having fun, Dance Central 3 is the best way to turn your living room into a dancefloor short of hiring your own personal DJ.