Everquest: дата выхода

Дата выхода Everquest на PC

Дата выхода Everquest назначена 28 февраля 1999.

Описание игры Everquest


Одни называют ее классикой, другие — лучшей ММО РПГ в истории. Этот проект навсегда изменил жанр, и многие современные игры продолжают использовать его идеи.

На странице https://game-score.ru/734-everquest.html Вы можете скачать бесплатно игру Everquest через торрент на PC.

Игру разработала студия Verant Interactive.

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For the uninitiated, EverQuest takes place in the land of Norrath, which is populated by 15 races, from the typical human and elf, to the more exotic, such as the catlike Vah Shir, or the lizardly Iksar. Players create a character, pick one of the 15 skills to specialize in, and then enter the realm.



While you can play EverQuest as a simple hack-'n'-slash adventure, the development team has added the little extras needed to pull players out of the typical RPG mold. Real-time party adventuring is encouraged and, if you actually put the effort into gathering a good balanced party of adventurers consisting of a few warrior types, a few mana throwers, and a couple of healers, then you'll be able to take part in more exciting and challenging battles.